I believe that creativity shows in everything we do as humans, transcending the borders of a single discipline. Only by working together, sharing knowledge and supporting each other’s progress, we can achieve long lasting change.


Interdisciplinary and creative – my experience in studying and working in innovative architecture has helped shape my ability to solve complex design and technical challenges with rigor and creativity. A natural communicator and a keen collaborator, I enjoy working in diverse and multidisciplinary teams, driven to always learn and explore new ways.

Since 2014 I share my passion for distinct design and engaging storytelling with clients from all over the globe on projects ranging from graphics and identity, architecture and interiors, to websites and digital experiences.


There are constantly endless opportunities to contribute and to apply our most valuable skills.

If you wish to elevate your visual presence so that it is more in tune with the core values of your brand, regardless of touchpoints, then I can help.

If you need to talk to a creative person that listens very carefully and draws inspiration from different disciplines to come up with original solutions, then you might want to get in touch.

I can take on many roles but I am of most value as a creative director, designer, and architectural consultant.

I believe in the importance of nurturing long lasting relationships with both clients and collaborators.

I always strive to create the ideal conditions for collaboration to thrive so that all parties involved can gain the maximum value.


Agency set-up is a rigid concept of the past.

Talented professionals strive for independence, creative freedom, the opportunity to work remotely and to chose the projects they find compelling.

Therefore, I work with a network of multidisciplinary professionals from across all fields of design.

On every project, the team setup is different and is tailored to ideally fulfill client requirements. This ensures always having the most relevant people on board and avoiding unnecessary overhead costs.

A few of these talented collaborators are listed below.